About The Happy Financial Adviser Score

The Happy Financial Adviser scorecard measures your current business position against our benchmarked IFA lifestyle business AND identifies areas requiring action to ensure you have a more financially rewarding and happier lifestyle business.

At Truly Independent Ltd, we recognise that when our advisers are happy in their work, they are more productive and their clients are happier too! Being happy is such a large part of what we do, that is why our advisers measure their success against their happiness; success follows happiness and not the other way around.

The route to your success is to first embrace the science of happiness which is all about connecting with more clients and making a positive difference in their lives, while ensuring you have more freedom.

The focus to a better life therefore is not to wait for happiness, but to ensure your happiness is implemented. Get this right and you will have more income, more time and less stress.

So what is it about Truly? It is difficult to put my finger on it. To be honest, before I started, it was just a “feeling” – Andrew’s and Cath’s own confidence and vision rubbed off on me. They gave me a new enthusiasm, which had been lost where I worked previously.

Maxine Scott

Our industry is not an easy one and is forever changing. Whilst, some companies are meeting this challenge with a restricted model, I am proud that Truly Independent is committed to delivering a truly independent approach for its advisers and clients.

Andy Johnson

Since joining Truly Independent at the end of 2014 I have seen a massive difference in the way that I work and also in the restrictions that were previously placed on me by the network I was part of.

Lynne Bennett


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How it scores you

The Happy Financial Adviser Score measures you againt the 6 S’s


Your happiness leads to your success and not the other way around. Having the right structure for your financial advice business not only defines you, it defines the level of happiness you are likely to attain. The right brand will instantly provide your clients with clarity and authority about who you are and exactly what you do; thus providing your clients with a framework they are happy to engage with.


Having a great strategy avoids blind hope. Your strategy is your business plan and must include an end goal. Start with the end in mind and make sure you are building a business with an exit plan. To ensure a happy lifestyle business, the best strategy to adopt must come from these three considerations:

  1. Where are you now?
  2. Where do you want to be?
  3. How do you get there?


Systems is all about connecting with more people and hence potentially more clients. To run an efficient financial advice business today, you must engage with the most advanced technology systems. The systems you select for your business should be simple to use but always pushing the boundary of IT evolution.


All too often financial advisers think their job is to turn a given sum of money into a bigger sum of money, spending far too much time on fund selection, portfolio construction and management; all this eats into your valuable time and is a job best suited to the fund manager, not the Financial Adviser. When Advisers started to select, build and monitor fund portfolios, they stopped focussing on more important matters.


Whatever business model you run, multi-adviser or sole trader you will need support from people who understand your business and can take the stress away so you can focus most of you time on your clients and not on regulatory or industry generic administration. Equally, you need to ensure you have a working life that involves support from family and friends, business peers and mentors. To succeed, you need partnerships to support you.


Preparing for your retirement starts at the very beginning of your business. It should be in your strategy to start with an end in mind. Your business plan is not just a plan for now, it is one for the long term as well.

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